Sept. 2022 State Bd. of Ed. Meeting Held (September 18, 2022)

On September 14 & 15, 2022 the Pennsylvania State Board of Education conducted its regular September meeting.

At the September 14th meeting session, the Board welcomed Dr. Jeffrey Fuller, the new Deputy Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education. He last served as superintendent of school at the Freedom School District.

The Council of Higher Ed. submitted its 2022-23 Master Plan for Higher Ed., which is a roadmap for reaching PA’s higher ed. educational goals. The committee voted to recommend the plan to the committee of the whole for approval, with Rep. Sonney the lone nay vote.

Basic Ed. Chairperson Dr. Lee Williams announced that the Academic Standards/Chapter 4 Committee has published the latest revised standards. She also announced that future revisions will include standards for career ed. and work; economics; and financial literacy.

The PDE Bureau Department of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction’s Brian Campbell provided a report titled Assessment Review and Updates for SY 2021-22.

During the September 15th meeting session, Maureen Lally-Green provided a report from the Special Ed. and Gifted Ed. Committee, which  examined the 2018 four-year study and report from BSE Director Carole Clancy. A review of the status of items in the 2018 report showed that most have been successfully addressed. Thus, three hearings will be scheduled for sites across the state to collect data for the 2022 study.

The meeting concluded with a motion to approve the Higher Ed. Master Plan, which resulted in discussion that led to the motion being tabled and the plan referred back to the Council of Higher Ed. for additional work. It will be brought to the next meeting for approval.