What is PAPSA?

PAPSA is a nonprofit organization that provides quality professional development for its members and their employees. Each year, hundreds of hours of training are available to participants in the annual conference and other programs.

PAPSA produces several major publications relating to pupil services issues, including The PAPSA Manual for Pupil Services Administrators; Legal Issues: A Pupil Services Perspective; A Comprehensive Guide to Administering Pupil Services; and Designing a Comprehensive Written Program of Pupil Services. These publications are available through the PAPSA office or can be ordered via the membership application.

PAPSA also provides a quarterly newsletter, as well as a PupilServ free e-mail distribution list service that permits members to query peers in the Pupil Services profession on topics of interest and provides a quick method for the Executive Director and/or Board to send out information without waiting for the next newsletter.

PAPSA maintains constant contact with other professional organizations representing education-related fields, such as: PASNAP, PASCD, PSEA, PaFT, PSCA, PPA, PASSWP, PASAP, NAPSA, NASISP and the like. It is also in regular contact with those branches of government most involved with the implementation of pupil services, such as the PA Department of Education, State Board of Education, PA Department of Health, House and Senate Education Committees, and other influential or involved parties.

PAPSA also offers a pair of awards each year to recognize excellence in the field of pupil services. The “Robert B. Cormany Award of Excellence in Student Services,” which recognizes quality programs that meet high standards of program design and operation. The “PAPSA Distinguished Service Award” recognizes those who have gone above and beyond what would normally be expected in making outstanding contributions to the field of pupil services statewide, nationally, or globally.
PAPSA is the largest branch of the National Association of Pupil Services Administrators (NAPSA). There is a $20 rebate available for purchasing a joint PAPSA-NAPSA membership. The membership application can be downloaded from this website through the “Membership” section.
So, whether your title is Pupil Services Director, Student Services Coordinator, Special Education Supervisor, Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Services or some variation of these common labels, PAPSA should be the one organization that you need to join!