PAPSA offers a variety of programs for the Pupil Services professional including:

  • Acclaimed conferences that provide exceptional professional development on the most current topics that impact Pupil Services. Conferences are held annually in the spring oat the Eden Resort in Lancaster. For more information, please visit this website and click on the link for “Conferences” which can be found under the “Programs” heading.
  • PupilServ, the PAPSA list service, allows members to communicate with their peers in the Pupil Services profession. To join this free email distribution service, just go on-line and send an e-mail to papsa with the single word SUBSCRIBE in the message box. Do not enter anything in the Subject box. You will receive back a confirmation that you have been entered on the list service and an explanation of how to cancel your membership should you ever decide to do so. When you wish to send a message to the other PupilServ members, just address it to papsa This list service permits members to query each other on topics of interest and provides a quick method for the Board to send out information without waiting for the next newsletter. All PAPSA members should join PupilServ and other interested parties are encouraged to do so as well.
  • Publications that provide Pupil Services professionals with expert information through a quarterly newsletter, as well as books such as Legal Issues: A Pupil Services Perspective, Designing a Comprehensive Written Program of Pupil Services, and A Comprehensive Guide to Administering Pupil Services. Publications can be ordered on this website here.
  • A peer review process that is available to any school district whose Pupil Services administrator is a member of the organization. This process to some extent resembles those used by regional accrediting bodies, but focuses entirely on Pupil Services. A detailed report is provided to the school district that identifies program strengths and weaknesses and provides valuable information on how to provide a most efficient and effective program. For more information, please visit the Peer ReviewĀ page on this website.