PAPSA has identified three main objectives in its efforts to improve programming in the field of pupil services. They are:

To advocate for pupil services programs.

PAPSA advocates for the needs of pupil services administrators and the students they represent, though involvement with policy makers and/or other influential individuals and/or organizations on the state and national levels.

To provide professional development opportunities in the area of pupil services.

PAPSA believes in the importance of on-going professional development that helps those in the pupil services field to maintain a high level of competence their profession, ensures that knowledge and skills remain relevant and up to date, and enables pupil services administrators to maintain a high level of awareness with regard to changing trends, regulations, and new developments in the field. The more knowledge and skill an individual gains, the higher their level of self-efficacy will be, which in turn will benefit those students, parents/guardians, and others with which the interact. To that end, PAPSA offers an annual conference, workshops, publications, a quarterly newsletter, a PupilServ e-mail distribution an informative list service, and an informative website with news and other information related to the field of pupil services.

To provide knowledge and information for interested parties in the area of pupil services.

PAPSA is the only organization in the Commonwealth specifically devoted to issues concerning K-12 pupil services programming, providing effective up-to-date professional development opportunities, highly informative publications, and access to a network of professionals who can assist in the development of pupil services programs and provide expertise when questions arise. Information provided via newsletters and the organizationā€™s website keeps members abreast of current trends in the field of student services on both the state and national levels.