Executive Board

The PAPSA Executive Board conducts the business of the association, approves all amendments to the by-laws, publishes the date and location of all general and special meetings, establishes the annual dues of the association, annually appoints two (2) directors, and appoints a person to fill any vacancy which shall occur among the officers or directors during their term of office.

The PAPSA Executive Board consists of the four (4) elected officers, eight (8) directors who serve four (4)-year terms, and the immediate Past-President. PAPSA’s elected officers are the President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. The election of officers is held annually at a meeting of the general membership.

The President presides at all meetings of the general membership; appoints chairpersons of all special committees, supervises all activities of the association, serves as the chairperson of the Executive Board, is an “ex officio” member of all committees, and approves all bills not previously approved by the Executive Board before funds are dispersed by the Treasurer.

The President-Elect has the responsibility of planning the annual conference and performs the duties of the President in his/her absence.

The Secretary is the recording officer of the association and is responsible for preparing and disseminating the minutes of the association, sending out proper notices of all called meetings, and conducts such other correspondence as necessary.

The Treasurer is responsible for the funds of the association, makes disbursements from the funds of the association, has the prior approval of the Executive Board or the authorization of the President for each disbursement of funds, keeps an accurate account of all funds received and of the finances of the association, presents the financial report to the Executive Board and  membership at all meetings of the association.

NOTE: A more detailed list of duties for officers shall be maintained in the PAPSA Standard Operating Procedures.

Executive Director

The Executive Board, on an annual basis, contracts with an individual to serve as Executive Director for the association. He/She is responsible for the publication and dissemination of the association’s publications; membership development and maintenance; government relations; serving as the liaison with other organizations and consortia; attendance at all Executive Board meetings, presenting a written report of his/her endeavors; representing the association at relevant meetings; maintaining the association archives; developing and facilitating professional development opportunities  and special publications; and other duties as assigned by the Executive Board.