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PAPSA provides quality professional development for its members and their employees. Each year more than 3,000 hours of training are verified for participants in the annual conference and other programs.

PAPSA is the largest branch of the National Association of Pupil Services Administrators (NAPSA). Joint membership is offered as indicated below with a $10 rebate on the annual NAPSA dues and a similar $10 rebate on the PAPSA dues.

PAPSA produces several major publications relating to pupil services issues, including The PAPSA Manual for Pupil Services Administrators (1100 pages), Legal Issues: A Pupil Services Perspective, A Comprehensive Guide to Administering Pupil Services and Designing a Comprehensive Written Program of Pupil Services.These publications are available through the PAPSA office.

PAPSA maintains constant contact with other professional organizations representing education-related fields, such as: PSEA, PaFT, PSCA, PPA, PASSWP, PASAP and the like. It also is in regular contact with those branches of government most involved with the implementation of pupil services, such as the PA Department of Education, State Board of Education, PA Department of Health, House and Senate Education Committees.

Whether your title is Pupil Services Director, Student Services Coordinator, Special Education Supervisor or some variation of these common labels, PAPSA should be the one organization that you need to join.