PDE Notifies LEAs Regarding Restraint Information System Collection (October 2, 2018)

Recently, Ann Hinkson-Herrmann, Director of PDE’s Bureau of Special Education, notified LEAs that the 2018-19 school year Restraint Information System Collection (RISC) is open for data entry. The system was enhanced to give local educational agencies (LEAs) greater opportunity to provide both more detail about restraints and to analyze trends in reducing the use of physical restraints on students. The Bureau of Special Education continues to require LEAs to report the restraints that occurred in each quarter. This reporting process encourages LEAs to report their restraints in a more timely manner, which in turn, will help LEAs monitor patterns of episodic behaviors and address them accordingly. Questions regarding the RISC should be directed to either of the following Special Education Advisers:  Keith Focht at 717.783.6921 or kfocht@pa.gov or Pat Haglund at 814.662.2662 or phaglund@pa.gov.