New Laws Focus on Student Safety, Well-Being (October 27, 2018)

Two new laws passed earlier this week focus on student safety. Act 80 of 2018, formerly Senate Bill 1090, expands PA’s anti-hazing law to include public and private secondary schools, as well as organizations affiliated with those schools. Those violating school hazing policies could face such disciplinary action as suspension, expulsion, diplomas or transcripts being withheld, and/or fines. Secondary schools are required to inform students of the school district’s hazing policy, including rules, penalties, and enforcement.

The other bill, Act 105 of 2018, formerly House Bill 1228, allows students to wear sun-protective clothing and/or use a topical sunscreen product without a physician’s note or prescription during school hours or at a school-sponsored activity, provided that parents/guardians and students fill out a required form. The law also allows the revocation or restriction of sunscreen use for students who misuse the sunscreen and state that students are responsible for applying their own sunscreen.