There are several reasons why you, as a pupil services professional, should become a part of PAPSA. Foremost, PAPSA is the only organization in the Commonwealth specifically devoted to issues concerning the pupil services programs in our schools. Professional membership is open to anyone who has supervisory or administrative responsibility in two or more of the fields commonly considered to be included under pupil services, i.e., counseling, health, psychology, home and school visitation, social work, special education, gifted education and student assistance among others. Other interested persons are welcome to join as well in a non-voting, associate status.

Whether your title is Pupil Services Director, Student Services Coordinator, Special Education Supervisor, or some variation of these common labels, PAPSA should be the one organization that you need to join.

Membership in PAPSA entitles the holder to the following:

  • 4 issues of the PAPSA News
  • 4 updates to the PAPSA Manual
  • Reduced rates for conference and workshop registration
  •  Peer review of the district’s program
  • Consultation with the Executive Director
  • Access to a constantly updated web site.

Annual membership dues in PAPSA are as follows:

  • Regular Individual Membership: $170.00.
  • Institutional Membership ($340.00). BEST VALUE. [Covers up to five (5) members of an   institution’s staff for the same cost as two individual memberships.]*
  • Retiree Membership: $10.00. [Must have been a member of PAPSA for five (5) preceding years.]
  • Student Membership: $25.00. [Must be enrolled as a student currently taking classes leading to  Supervisor of Pupil Services certification.]
  • Joint PAPSA/NAPSA Individual Membership: $330.00. [Includes a $10.00 rebate both from PAPSA and NAPSA.]*

*NOTE: Those wishing to do both a PAPSA Institutional Membership AND a Joint PAPSA/NAPSA membership should contact the Executive Director at or call (570) 656-4286 for assistance.

To pay your PAPSA dues, download a copy of the membership form by clicking on the link below or request an application form through the Executive Director at, complete and return it with your check made payable to PAPSA for the correct amount. Membership forms are also mailed to all school entities between April and June of each year.

2018/19 PAPSA Membership Application