HR2527 Would Make School Vaccinations Federally Mandated (September 1, 2019)

In the wake of the largest outbreak of measles in the US in two-and-a-half decades, H.R. 2527 has been introduced to the US House of Representatives by Rep. Fredrica Wilson (D-Fla). Wilson’s proposed legislation, titled the “Vaccinate All Children Act of 2019,” would make it mandatory for children enrolled in public schools to be vaccinated. The bill would become federal law, usurping state authority in the matter of required vaccinations.  Failure to comply with the law would result in a state’s ability to receive certain federal grants.

However, if a physician determines that a child’s health would be jeopardized by a required vaccination, an exception could be made as long as the school district’s physician or other designated school health official would need to concur with any such determination.

As of September 1, 2019, the bill is in the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.