Act 76 Makes Changes to Career and Technical Ed Nomenclature (January 18, 2020)

Act 76 of 2019 amends the Public School Code of 1949 by replacing references to “Vocational-Technical” with “Career and Technical” and “Vocational” with “Career and Technical.”  References to “Vocation” is replaced with “Career and Technical.”  References to Vocational School Districts are deleted, and the State Board for Vocational Education is renamed the State Board of Career and Technical Education.  These changes are effective December 29, 2019.

PDE is in the process of updating documents and its website to reflect the changes.

All vocational certificates that are currently issued and will be issued in the future will now say “Career and Technical” in place of “Vocational.” The change in title does not affect any aspect of the certificate holder’s certification other than the change in language on the certificate.

Questions regarding this information should be submitted to Dr. Kerry Helm, Division Chief of Certification Services, Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality, at (717) 525-5560.