The following publications are available through the office of the Executive Director (All checks should be made payable to PAPSA):

* PAPSA Manual for Pupil Services Administrators – $95.00
Begun in 1989, this loose-leaf format publication contains more than 1100 pages of regulations, standards, program models, and court decisions annotated as they relate to pupil services administration.  It is divided into ten chapters encompassing: (1) Administration, (2) Guidance Services, (3) Health Services, (4) Social Work and Attendance, (5) Psychological Services, (6) Special Education, (7) Miscellaneous, (8) Student Assistance, (9) School Safety, and (10) Related Legal Issues. The manual is updated quarterly as part of one’s membership in PAPSA.

* Designing a Comprehensive Written Program of Pupil Services (2007) – $60.00
This 85+ page, loose-leaf publication consists of the presentation from the Chapter 12 workshops sponsored by PAPSA along with more detailed recommendations for writing a pupil services program.

* Legal Issues: A Pupil Services Perspective 2nd Edition (2014) – $80.00

A compendium of school law specifically addressing Pupil Services issues in Pennsylvania. Approximately 150 pages relating to court decisions by state courts, the three federal District Courts serving Pennsylvania, 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, and US Supreme Court.

* A Comprehensive Guide to Administering Pupil Services (2012) – $75.00

Strategies and recommendations for implementing and maintaining an effective pupil services department. Included are chapters concerning department meetings, communications, department manuals, professional development, staff selection and evaluation, and other relevant topics.

* PAPSA Code of Professional Conduct (2014) Quantities of up to 25 are free, larger quantities are $10/100

A brochure that defines the ethical practices for the Pupil Services profession. While it was developed for the use of Pupil Services administrators, it is an excellent resource for staff members as well and can be used for mentoring and in-service activities.

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