What is PAPSA?

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PAPSA is a statewide organization of pupil services administrators with almost 250 members from among the 600 local
educational authorities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

PAPSA is an affiliate of the National Association of Pupil Services Administrators, a professional group representing pupil
services administrators in all 50 states.

PAPSA is represented on various state boards and commissions, including the Professional Standards and Practices
Commission, Certification Appeals Committtee, PAGE1 Operating Committee, No Child Left Behind Committee of
Practioners, Response to Intervention Taskforce, and PVAAS Steering Committee.

PAPSA members include middle level administrators with such titles as Director of Pupil Services, Supervisor of Special
Education, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, and many variations relating to the coordination of programs in
the areas of counseling, psychology, nursing, social work, attendance, special education, gifted education, student
assistance and related fields.

PAPSA is actively involved on behalf of its members with the General Assembly, State Board of Education, Department of Education, Department of Health, Education Policy and Leadership Center, and a host of other professional organizations such as PSEA, PaFT, PAESSP, PASA, PSBA and others.

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